About Us

"Customer Beliefs Govern All"

To help guide the development of new and specific symptom-targeted medicines using the actual patient's feedback while they are taking the medicine.  Part of that vision is to give 33% of pre-tax profits to charities, trade organizations, and other non-profit firms working to advance safety, quality, consistency, and testing.

Corporate Mission
To become a trusted source of reliable knowledge on the effectiveness of medicines.  Both doctors and patients have FREE access to our system.  Customer Beliefs Govern All!

Randall Quarles


Randall has a broad range of engineering, business-to-business, and consulting experience. He spent 15 years in Management, Marketing and Sales, and Engineering of highly engineered electrical systems. After that, he wanted a broader business education to enhance his electrical engineering bachelors education. So he went back to school and earned three graduate degrees in business: an MBA with a marketing concentration, an MS in Finance, and an MS in Decision Science.

Since then he has been involved in small business consulting, commercial real estate brokerage, business analysis and customer data-driven product positioning. His passions lie in turning bulk data into actionable knowledge.

CGBA Medical is built on these passions.