We are 100% dedicated to Patients and genuinely hearing their "Voice" because we genuinely believe customer beliefs govern all.
We help patients monitor the effectiveness of their medicines, under the supervision of their physicians.  The diversity of medical products and their active ingredient profiles can be overwhelming. We are a strong advocate of batch testing and active ingredient labeling to help improve the consistency and reliability of a patient's medicine. No one likes to find the perfect medicine and dose, only to have the next batch of the same product be ineffective.
New products are literally introduced daily in the U.S. and Canada. We hope to offer a survey tool that can help patients determine  the most effective nutraceuticals and medicines for their specific needs and biochemistry. Every human body has a little different biochemistry, so it is not uncommon.for a medicine to be extrememly effective with one patient, but almost ineffective with a second patient with the same condition.
Doctors have been a part of our development process from the beginning. The goal is for our platform to assist physicians in determining the most effective medicines for their patients based purely on patient surveys.
While we help patients monitor the effectiveness of their nutraceuticals and medicines, we provide doctors with the tools to quickly evaluate each patient's progress.  Additionally we give doctors the ability to evaluate effectiveness for similar patients in their practice, as well as similar patients in their state.  
Our business model depends on our partners. We work with select suppliers of medical and healthcare products, accessories, and associated businesses that want a better way to reach their potential patient customers.  We also encourage our partners to offer discounts and promotional offers for new and well-received products.